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Muse: Brenhin “Atros” O’Shea

6 Similarities between Mun and Muse? 

  • We enjoy Mario games
  • We have the same taste in music
  • We both enjoy tailored suits and cravats
  • At one point the both of us were tall, gangly, awkward children
  • We have both experienced loss in our immediate families
  • We both have strong paternal instincts

6 Differences between Mun and Muse?

  • I’m a peace maker. He likes to stir up trouble
  • He married a woman and I married a man
  • I tan extremely easily and his pasty Irish skin burned tomato red after about an hour in the sun
  • He’s old. Old as balls. In comparison, I’m just a baby
  • I’m alive, he’s not
  • HE’S A FRIGGIN’ EVIL BASTARD and I try not to be


This dance is basically “The Robot” but on steroids. So amazing.


Think about it though. All of Meg’s bots have a secret, built-in party-mode that activates every time they hear techno or dubstep music and they just go wild.

Sh: *swiftly grabs the drunken sorcerer and makes him spin round a few times before shoving a butternut squash into his arms and throwing confetti into the air, happily declaring "congratulations its a boy" before running off giggling*

"Wha? BUT WHY SHADOW?" he calls after her, stumbling around, about to topple over.

nobodypunk said:
NoBody found himself on the darker side of town and stumbled into the great daemon sorcerer himself. "How rude of me." NoBody mused with a smirk.

"Why doncha watch where you’re goin’ lad!" the drunken sorcerer slurred, scowling at the young man. "You’ve got eyes. Use ‘em!"

Pink Elephants

Pink Elephants:You are completely drunk and have very poor judgement for the next three hours.

"Jus’ what everybody" *hiccup* "What everbody needed. A drunk sorcerer."

((I have the hardest time imagining an Irish Accent for Atros sometimes, because I start thinking Scottish or British. So I have to listen to Colin Farrell to hear it in my head :B))

M!As for Dicks
For anons who want to be dicks and people who want to bait anons to be dicks to their characters. Cause secretly, you're all dicks. Dicks.
Breezy: Your character is now stark naked and locked out of their home/office/car/etc.
Parrot: Your character may only communicate with one word for six hours, anon specified.
Hellspawn: Your character is now pregnant with the child of the dreaded NOTP. Must be agreed to with all parties involved.
Whiskey Courage: With the help of some alcohol, your character is now about to admit their true feelings to someone. Anon specified special someone.
Heartbeat: Your character is stricken by a sudden heart attack.
Ariel: Your character is now mute for a day.
Mistaken Identity: Your character will now be spending a night in jail due to a mistake with the local police.
Bullets: Your character has been shot. Anon may specify where and how serious the wound is.
Wolfsbane: Your character has a three day werewolf curse.
Barbra Streisand: Your character can only communicate through song for the next six hours.
Crash: Your character has been in a major auto accident.
Shrink: Your character is now thumb-sized for the next six hours.
Dark: For the next day, your character cannot see a thing.
Flesh Wound: Your character has just been stabbed. Anon may specify where and how serious.
Frank-N-Furter: Your character has switched sexes.
Scratchy: Your character has chicken pox for the day.
Discomfort: For the next three hours, your character will walk around with a permanent wedgie.
Pink Elephants: You are completely drunk and have very poor judgement for the next three hours.
Rude: Your character is suddenly very offensive for the next six hours.
Don Juan: Your character is suddenly feeling very flirty and will flirt with anyone who comes into their inbox and/or they're interested with for the next three hours.
Cowbell: You've got a fever and there's no cure but to wait it out. Your character now has a very awful case of the flu for a day.
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What a handsome and dapper fellow.